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Beware - Counterfeit Product Alert

Beware - Counterfeit Product Alert

Counterfeit products are a serious concern and MonsterSport continue to fight against infringers.

Fake copies not only hurt MonsterSport’s business but also authorized dealers’ and distributors’, and most sadly of all, the end user becomes the number one victim.

Counterfeits goods are generally sold at very low price, but are inferior, substandard, and in some cases downright deadly.


By buying counterfeit products, you will:

A) not get the quality you would when you buy genuine MonsterSport product.

B) be supporting criminals groups who finance their activities through the sale of counterfeit products and may therefore contribute to illegal activity.


MonsterSport products should only be purchased from MonsterSport authorized dealers and distributors to ensure your purchased product is genuine.

Please be advised that MonsterSport is not responsible and will not be held liable for any damage and/or loss resulting from the use of fake / knockoff / counterfeit products and will not provide any technical support for said fake goods whatsoever.


In some cases it may be difficult to identify counterfeit products in the market due to their visual similarity to genuine MonsterSport products.

If you find products you believe to be counterfeit, or if you would like to confidentially report suspicious behavior, or if you have any information you would like to make us aware of, please write to us at


We appreciate and Thank you for your continuous support for MonsterSport.

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