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"Race to the Sky 2007" Monster Tajima & Suzuki Sport Grand Vitara wins overall!

One of the greatest event, "Race to the Sky 2007" (Queenstown, N.Z.) final day has finished and Monster Tajima driving Suzuki Sport Grand Vitara achieved overall win on this 10th anniversary event!

Overall Results
Nobuhiro Tajima
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Kenneth Eriksson
Subaru WRX Impreza
Andrew Hawkeswood
Hillclimb Spcl EVO 8

 4/8(Sun) Today's Report

"Race to the Sky 2007" final day has come! Thanks to everyone, I have won the race again! Thank you!
Today it was perfectly sunny day. But the temperature was only 1 degrees at the top of the hill in the morning. By the time I start to run though, the temperature got higher and higher. In the morning qualify, I was 17 seconds ahead of second place Kenneth, 8m 12s 7464. At the final race, the stage condition was rougher than it was thought to be. I clocked 8m 03s 9354 which was not quick as last year, but managed to win the race. I would like to say thank you for all the support until today!

From Queenstown, New Zealand
Nobuhiro Tajima

 4/7(Sat) Today's Report


"Today the fog was very heavy and the at the top section it was almost unable to see at all! In the morning we had practice run and my time was 8m26s2432. Kenneth was 8m42s256. In the afternoon I clocked 8m22s1828. It got 4 seconds quicker but it was too far from the record I made on 2006 which was 8m01s.
But since it was practice and I need to flat out tomorrow, I saved the car's performance as much as possible. Watch me tomorrow. See you there!"

From Queenstown, New Zealand
Nobuhiro Tajima

 4/6(Fri) Today's Report


"Today was scrutineering. Of course, our Grand Vitara had no problem and cleared it smoothly. Now everything is ready and I am very very excited!
I understand that many people had watched last night's TV coverage. Today many fans came to me! Thank you so much everyone!
In order for me to answer this expectations... I need to win, and I will try my best! Wish me good luck!"

From Queenstown, New Zealand
Nobuhiro Tajima

Test pictures has been up loaded on photo gallery!


 4/5(Wed) Today's Report


"Today we have done the test session.
The weather here is very dry and dust was so heavy and very slippery! But my Grand Vitara worked very well and the set up went perfect. The dream of 7 minutes seems very real now! Kenneth came to see me so I had to hide my performance (laugh)! I hope you saw me and my machine at Channel One. Thank you Channel One! Tomorrow is scrutineering, and race weekend will start!
Looking forward to meet you all at the race day!"

From Queenstown, New Zealand
Nobuhiro Tajima



 4/4(Wed) Today's Report


"Today I had done a shakedown at Cardrona Valley. It was great since we had Channel 1 came to see us and watched our run! Watch me at tonight 19:00! You can meet me and look at my beautiful car run across the valley. We will do last test tomorrow and be ready for the race. Thank you and wish me good luck at the race!"

From Queenstown, New Zealand
Nobuhiro Tajima



"Monster" Tajima & Suzuki Sport Grand Vitara will aim for 5 wins in a row and break the 8 minutes barrier in 10th anniversary "Race to the Sky"

Usual days as a representative of Suzuki Sport, "Monster" Tajima will change his face to "King of the Mountain" driver on this weekend's Race to the Sky, who has won 7 times.
On April 8th, he will be at the start line of the race to aim for his 8th win with his weapon Suzuki Sport Grand Vitara on this 10th anniversary Queenstown, New Zealand event. Machine is now set up to match to Queenstown's gravel stage and high altitude. Also, special tyres are ready for him to break the record.
The biggest rival this year will be Andrew Hawkswood and Kenneth Eriksson.
Andrew became overall second, and Kenneth is known as WRC driver.
Please watch out on NZ "Race to the Sky" on April 8th 14:00 NZ time!

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-Test Run
-4/5(Thu) REPORT>>
-Test Run
-4/6(Fri) REPORT>>
-Recce test run
-Welcome party
-4/7(Sat) REPORT>>
-9:45am Practice run
-1:00pm 1st qualify
-8:30am 2nd qualify
-1:00pm Shootout*
-2:00pm Final
-4:30pm Finish
-8:00pm Final Podium
*What is shootout?

Time trial which will be held by top 10 contender of the qualify and this will be the final start order. It is done at the course near by the spectator area. The start order is very critical in Race to the Sky which makes this time trail excitng to watch!

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