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Suzuki Grand Vitara & Monster Tajima
becomes Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Overall Winner!

On July 1st, 2006, Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A., 84th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was held and "Monster" Tajima who drives Suzuki Grand Vitara Hill Climb Special has achieved overall win in this 90h anniversary event!

From the test, the car was performing very well. He has marked top time on both practice days on top section and bottom section.

Final day has started. But then a big threat has occurred. After the motorcycle division, the clouds came out, became black, and people wondered what happened. The start line was very fine weather. Suddenly, the snow started to fall on top section. Then after a while, popcorn size hail started to fall. The race was discontinued several times due to the danger of the condition. And finally it came to a conclusion that the race distance will be shortened 2/3, up to the 16 miles post.

It was pity that the course was shortened, but Tajima started off with full attack. The split time was faster than what record holder Rod Millen has. When Tajima crossed the finish line, there was a shout from the announcing. Tajima crossed the Devil's Playground's finish line in top time. He was 44 seconds faster than 2nd place W. Dallenbach, which was 7 min. 38 sec. Tajima became overall winner in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 90th anniversary event.

"Race to the clouds" This is what is called Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. History goes back to 1916. This year, it was the 84th time the race was held.

Race start line altitude 2,862m, and finishes at 4,300m. The difference is 1,400m.
Distance of 20km, consists of 156 corners. The race is simple. Whomever finishes with fastest time, wins! The course is made up of 3 sections High speed section on bottom, complicated in middle, and no wood can not survive deserted area after 3,660m, where it is called a top section.

The competitor have to drive all the way through these 3 different sections.The surface is mixed, some part hard gravel and other tarmac. No guard rails, which means that no mistake will eventually run off the course and down the cliff.

Also the high altitude will suffer from low oxygen which is very tough for the drivers. Machine also needs big wings, good aerodynamic balance, and most of all 1000ps to conquer the course.

Suzuki and Monster Tajima started the challenge in 1989. In 1993, Twin Engine Cultus has won the Unlimited Division. And on 1995, Twin Engine Escudo has achieved overall win. 1995 was same situation as this year as the course was shortened due to the bad weather.

 7/1(SAT) Today's Report


Overall win on Pikes Peak!

At last, I have once again achieved the overall win on Pikes Peak International Hill Climb! Thank you very much for all of the fans out there!

The weather turned out to be sunny in the morning. The temperature rose rapidly which made me stay in the car with the air conditioner on.

But then after when motorcycle division finished, the sky became dark and started to snow! Then popcorn size hail started to fall! The race was stopped and re started several times.The organizer decided to make the course shorter to 16 miles.This situation was same back in 1995 when I won by 0.7 seconds from Rod Milllen.

From Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.
Nobuhiro Tajima

Overall Results
7min 38sec
8min 22sec
Open Wheel
8min 24sec
Open Wheel




 6/30(FRI) Today's Report


2nd day practice has finished.

Time was 4 min. 39 sec. and it was top time. I was very happy since I marked 127 mph of top speed! I broke the record of the Pikes Peak which I made 5 years ago 118 mph.
But on the second run, I ran off the course.

I was picking up the speed more to clock good time but 1 mile before the finish line on high speed S corner, I saw a spectator at the clip point and felt a danger. At that moment I lost concentration and went off the track.
But I am OK, and the car is OK. It is now fixed and ready for the final day.

The weather in Colorado Springs is cloudy and cold. It seems that it is raining on top of the mountain. The tyre choice will be very very difficult but I will use all of my experience to achieve a victory.

From Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.
Nobuhiro Tajima

 6/29(THU) Today's Report


Practice 1st day has finished.

Today I ran the top section. Machine was perfect and clocked great time and I am very happy.
The sun was shining for me and it was brilliant.
Pikes Peak's nature hasn't changed a bit and it is just beautiful.

Tomorrow's practice is on the bottom section.
I will push hard to clock again best time. Let's see how it goes.

From Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.
Nobuhiro Tajima

 6/28(WED) Today's Report


Yesterday, we have done the shakedown test.
Few minor troubles occurred, but we went through all the test program
which we had in plan.
Today was the scrutineering, and of course we passed it without any problem.
Tomorrow is practice day 1. Let's see how it goes.
From Colorado Springs, CO U.S.A.
Nobuhiro Tajima




"Monster" Tajima is back to take on Pikes Peak!
Record-Setting Driver Looking to Break the All-Time Record with Evolution Suzuki Sport Grand Vitara

Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima is a busy man. As president of Suzuki Sport Co., Ltd. he runs a company that designs and builds high-performance equipment for Suzuki vehicles. As a record-setting race driver, the legendary Tajima competes in major hill climb racing events held around the world.

Following his winning and record-setting winning run in New Zealand's "Race to the Sky" in April, Monster Tajima is set to take on the toughest hill climb event in the United States, the Pikes Peak International Hill climb. In April in New Zealand Tajima earned a new name, "King of the Mountain" as he set a new course record of 8 minutes, one second.

On July 1, Monster Tajima will attempt to set a new record in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, known as the "Race to the Clouds." The current record is held by Rod Millen at 10 minutes, .04 seconds set in the 1994 running of the Pikes Peak classic.

Monster Tajima and his crew at Suzuki Sport Co. Ltd. based in Shizuoka, Japan have built a formidable race machine to challenge Pikes Peak and Millen's record. It is a modified Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV fitted with a 940 horsepower, twin-turbo V6 engine in a purpose-built space-frame chassis covered by a high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber body. Getting all that power to the ground is a set of huge 285/60R18 Falken S/TZ04 tires.

Monster Tajima, his crew and the racing Grand Vitara are scheduled to arrive in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak on June 23 to begin final preparation for qualifications on June 29 and June 30. The official timed runs are scheduled to begin on July 1.

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