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MSE Height Adjustable Suspension Set



MSE height adjustable suspension set remains comfort driving but gives quick steering response at sport use.


Description Part Number Retail Price
Height Adjustable Suspension Set 554502-4850M DISCONTINUED


Model Type Engine Transmission
Swift Sport ZC32S M16A CVT/MT
Swift ZC72S (FF) M16A CVT/MT



  Front Rear
Shock absorber type Twin tube upright telescopic
Damping force 4 Steps 8 Steps
Spring Rate N/mm 39.2 39.2
(kgf/mm) 4.0 4.0
Ride height* mm -20~-40mm -20~-40mm
Ground Clearance mm 90mm
(at ride height -40mm)
Includes Front reinforced upper mounts etc


* The data was measured at Monster Factory. (The data is for a reference.)Standard ride height is Fr-30mm. Rr-25mm
* Require to adjust head light operating system.

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